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The island of Palm Beach: A perfect place for luxury living.

Apart from being a town with line of stately palm trees, the island of Palm Beach is known to be the home for exquisite mansions and historic buildings. In every way the island marks a perfect place for living. Palm Beach island grabs the title for being one of the most desirable communities in the world. The island is renowned across the globe for its amazing and gracious lifestyle, luxury living with world class sophistication. Palm Beach is located east of West Palm Beach, over the bridge. A small barrier island with the intracoastal waterway creating a rift between the island and other neighboring cities. The Atlantic ocean forming the eastern boundary and the intracoastal serving the western boundary. The Town of Palm Beach also known as the island, not to be confused with Singer island or West Palm Beach. The island was incorporated on April 17, 1911 and forms a very small part of the Palm Beach county coast in the easternmost part of Florida.

Palm Beach is divided into three parts: the North, or Country Club section, the South, Worth Avenue Shops and The Everglades Club and the heart of the island, the middle revolving around The Royal Poinciana Plaza and The Breakers hotel. The north side of the island offers a perfect blend of exotic lifestyle with scattered large mansions with scenic waterfront views and provides private access to the white sandy beaches that allows residents to enjoy the privacy and tranquility they desire. Billionaires Row located on the south side of the island on Florida State Road A1A (South Ocean Blvd.) offers massive estates with underground tunnels for private beach access and incredible ocean views for the elite. The island is known for the 1920's world famous enclave landmarks and world class shopping extravaganza on Worth Avenue. Over the years, Palm Beach island turned into an extravagant camelot that serves as a perfect background of winter address by the Kennedy's, Rockefeller's, the Vanderbilt's, Pulitzer's family and many celebrities. Millionaires of the United States, 1900. When Henry Flagler opened the Hotel Royal Poinciana in 1894, there were as many as 20 millionaires settled on Palm Beach. Yesterday’s Blue Book and Social Register have been replaced by Forbes’ annual Billionaires List, most recently taking note of 2,095 billionaires. Of the 43 connected to Palm Beach, local newspaper - The Palm Beach Daily News 


Apart from the historic mansions, the island is also known as a perfect beach destination with first class restaurants. A series of sporting life centers including polo, golf, tennis, deep sea fishing and many other enticing recreational activities that can keep you engaged and entertained. Another enticing attraction is the Palm Beach bike trail that stretches till the tip of the northern part of the island. Rich in high cultural heritage with architectural monuments and mansions, the island marks as the best option to reside. Being an epicenter of cultural and social extravaganza, Palm Beach island sets an amazing place for living.

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